Smiles of a Summer Night/A Little Night Music

I wasn’t able to find a whole lot of material relating to Smiles of a Summer Night, but I did come across a few videos that might be useful.


The Bergman film is on YouTube in full:

You can turn on captions using the “CC” button at the bottom.


I couldn’t find a free stream of the A Little Night Music film, but there is a New York City Opera performance from 1990 on YouTube:


The classic rock band Heart released a song called “Smiles of a Summer Night” as a Best Buy-exclusive bonus track on their 2012 album Fanatic.  Here is a blog post with a stream:


There is also a Desperate Housewives episode called “Smiles of a Summer Night”.  I’m not really sure how much it has to do with the film.  You can stream it on NetFlix.  Here is a very detailed article on it from the Desperate Housewives wiki:


Here is an NYT article discussing Smiles in relation to A Little Night Music:


“Send in the Clowns” has, of course, been covered by Judy Collins, Barba Streisand, and many others.  Here is Krusty the Klown singing it on The Simpsons:


For the record, here is a performance of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik:

2 thoughts on “Smiles of a Summer Night/A Little Night Music

  1. I will have a lot more to say about “A Little Night Music” when I present on Tuesday. But I wanted to note that Sondheim says that he has been happy with only one adaptation of one of his musicals – Tim Burton’s version of “Sweeney Todd” (For the record I disagree with him – I didn’t think it was very good). I do agree that the film version of “A Little Night Music” is not good (there are moments – it is fun for those of us too young to have seen Len Cariou on Broadway to get a sense for his Frederick, for example) But I wanted to open up the question for those who – like me – are Sondheim geeks of why his musicals are so hard to adapt. I wanted to mention as well that this year will see another attempt – a big budget version of his1987 musical “I the Woods”:

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