One thought on “Breaking Bad on ice

  1. *SPOILER ALERT (but not about the end of the series)* I think I have to see this. This is the last thing I would ever expect “on ice” yet it is strangely compelling. Usually they just put children’s movies on ice, like The Little Mermaid. Maybe ice skating will be a new venue for adult adaptations! This performance also relates to what we had been discussing in class related to dance, and then also to the significance of facial expressions and body movement when there is no dialogue. In this video clip, Jane is dancing with Jesse and is being wrapped up in ribbons or streamers of some sort, symbolic of her death. In terms of adaptations, I particularly like when one mode of text is changed to another so that there is a significant difference in the way the story is being told or portrayed. This is clearly even more visual than the show because it is working with dance and ice skating instead of dialogue and camera angles. Also you can watch the video, it didn’t really give anything away. Thanks for sharing!

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