Blade Runner Art



These first two images are by French illustrator Moebius, from the scifi magazine Heavy Metal; their influence on Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and the burgeoning cyberpunk genre is obvious.


This is story art from Syd Mead, Blade Runner’s “Visual Futurist”, which is a strange term for a story-boarder/concept artist/set-designer. Mead and Scott were both also influenced by Edward Hopper, which should be evident from this painting.


It could be the poor quality of my copy of Marvel Comics “Blade Runner”, or it could just be that the art takes a severe kind of dip as we move from French science fiction magazine, to film storyboard, to film, to comic. Nonetheless the sprawling, Asian-influenced cyberpunk feel is preserved.

One thought on “Blade Runner Art

  1. Thanks for sharing this artwork. I especially like the Syd Mead piece and it is clear that it is influenced by Hopper. It also emphasizes the “Asian-influenced cyberpunk” style, as you describe, which is certainly displayed in the film, from the giant virtual ad of the Asian woman to Deckard eating sushi in the rain.

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