Points in BBudd

Billy Budd (Movie)

Opening credits with spoken names of characters

5:25 captain of “Rights of Man” “hard of hearing” (allus. to Nelson?)

6:50 revolutionary ideas

7:50 up aloft BB

9:35 “Rights of Man”

13:12 witnessing punishment

14:00 Claggart enjoying flogging/eye contact

19:30 stammer

31:00 Jenkins sickness

40:00 French ship

[Jenkins falls]

capt. of foretop??

52: 00 punishment [NB confront. between Vere &  Claggart]

56: lashes (note Claggart’s disappointment)

1:21:40 Claggart’s charge

1:32 Clagg “found grace he could not have”

1:35 “not guilty” [NB: we might look at the three versions of the drumhead court martial, esp. Ustinov “not guilty” followed by intervention, Britten/Forster guilty immed.]

Sorry, I seem to have misplaced (or more likely, cannot read) my clip timing of the midnight conversation between Budd & Claggart–not in Melville. Should be about half way through. If anyone finds it, can the timing be passed on to the group? Thanks.

Billy Budd (Opera)

NB: omits earlier scenes on “Rights of Man,” opening on “Indomitable.” grey, grim, prison camp atmos.

12:00 “I can’t bear it”

15:00 enormous book resting on backs of boys

Claggart as death figure (white/ashen face), black clothing
BBudd a baritone (& therefore Vere tenor)

19:00 Stammer: “it comes and it goes”

21:00 “there are no more like him”

21:30 “Billy, king of the birds”

22:20 “Farewll, Rights of Man”

25: Squeak

26:00 flogging (but offstage, unlike Ustinov)

33:00 “Starry Vere”

Note severe rake of stage: function?

32:40 “God, grant me light” Vere

38:40 “Don’t like the French”

42:00 “mutiny”

46:25 Budd– “no danger there”

55:50 BB v. popular among crew.

57:10 stammer

1:00:00 “Beauty”

“alas, the light shines in the darkness”
“I vow your destruction”
“What hope can remain if love can emerge?”
“What hope in my own dark world”

1:17:30 “Jemmy Legs is on to you”

1:25 “This is our moment”, with anti-climax no breeze

1:35 “man on board who’s dangerous”

1:40 Vere; O for the light”

1:44 Vere: Clag evil, BB good

1:49 “traitor”

1:50 “how can I save him?”

NB Vere more overtly supportive of BB than Britten, cf. also omiss. Dansker’s evidence.

1:58 “Save me, Capt Vere”

2:00 “we’ve no choice” officers; Vere will not help

2:08 Billy in the Darbies; v. lyrical, lilting music, strings & flute

2:18 Vere as old man, on stage for finale (back in time)

2:27 murmuring of crew [NB; no equival of movie: crew  rejoicing to hear BB has killed Claggart]

2:31 Vere “I could have saved him”

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