One thought on “Gatsby by Brooks Brothers

  1. Yes! I saw these advertisements when the Gatsby film came out- Gatsby had amazing marketing, because it was everywhere. The film also advertised by creating a themed room at The Plaza hotel, and it’s still there, called The Fitzgerald Suite. I’m pretty sure you can still get a room: As I said, marketing for the movie was ridiculous- it was everywhere. I feel like this diminished the authenticity of the novel- but why did I feel like this? What does marketing do to our sense of the original work? This is definitely something I’d like to discuss further. I was definitely discouraged by all of the marketing, but the novel is one of my favorite works of all time, so I was coming into the movie already feeling it would never be anything close to the novel (and it wasn’t!) However, what would this sort of marketing do for something who had never read the original work before? Would it change the original for them?

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