Defoe and Neuman?

I realized during our discussion of Crusoe today that though I’ve recently thought I didn’t encounter Defoe’s novel until high school, I actually came across it initially around the age of seven, in MAD magazine. I had a battered copy of a book of ’50s MAD cartoons (given to me either by my physics professor grandpa or unearthed at a local thrift store). Here, in all its glory, is how I learned to love Friday:

There was a Lone Ranger one, too, but I haven’t come across it online, and who knows where the book has gotten to.

One thought on “Defoe and Neuman?

  1. Wonderful Stuff. Reminds me that I have to bring in my graphic novel versions (not quite the right genre term?) of “Der Ring des Nibelungen,” “Die Zauberflote,” “King Lear,” and “Hamlet” (the latter two with “original” language).

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